Software for insurance brokers

SchemeServe is the revolutionary new insurance software solution everyone is talking about. Use it to quote, renew, adjust, report, generate documents, go paperless and compliant overnight.

"SchemeServe is something rare. You start using it because
it's so easy to use but stay because of how powerful it is."
—Michael Bowler, Managing Director, Cobra Underwriting Agencies

Software for direct debit

With AutoDebit direct debit solution you can set-up recurring schedules to Direct-Debit or Credit any customer account or card with no headaches and no fuss. AutoDebit does all the paperwork so you don't have to.

"AutoDebit makes any largescale DirectDebit operation a
breeze. The support is superb and the product very easy to
use. Almost everything can be automated."—Nick Simpson, Excalibur Communications

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Medical software for patient management

Molecule is our new patient management solution for Oncologists and Cardiologists. Offering a powerful on-line toolset designed for use by top consultants, Molecule offers a unique approach to managing patient data.


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